Luis Arturo Reyes IV

Work History

Nexon America, Inc. Associate Producer (2008-2010)

Website Development Spearhead the development of website design and content components for online gaming hub.

  • Author proposals for new web features, isolating tasks to be performed by the front end design team, the back end development team, and the integrated database team. The most recent development has been a comics initiative in which we are bringing comic artists and writers in to create stories in our video game worlds.
  • Manage individual projects related to game websites (Dungeon Fighter Online and Combat Arms) as well as coordinating efforts in North America with the Korean development teams.
  • Develop, create and implement content for the website that highlights new in-game material. This involves working with design to create assets as well as using the Spotlight content management system to update content directly.
  • Plan and oversee website renewal process for Dungeon Fighter Online website.

Game Content Development Collaborate with Korean game developers on expanded game content.

  • Author proposals for new game content, including new characters, expanded storylines, social interaction features and backend features that improve the player experience.
  • Develop quest strings and in-game dialogue that ties directly into promotional events for games.
  • Edit in-game comics introductions to each of Dungeon Fighter Online’s six character classes.

Marketing and PR Liaison with Nexon’s marketing and PR teams in shaping the image of the company’s current and expanding slate of games.

  • Collaborate with our Marketing teams as well as outside design agencies in creating evocative and effective advertising campaigns.
  • Coordinate focus groups with Marketing.
  • Engineer PR modules to be disseminated to media outlets.
  • Present games at major video game conventions.

Radical Comics Freelance Editor (2008–Present)

Series Editor Manage the narrative and artistic development as well as the production aspects of Radical comic book titles

  • Last Days of American Crime by Rick Remender (Punisher; Fear Agent)
  • FVZA by David Hine (District X; Daredevil)
  • Just broke story for a new Hercules series written by Joshua Dysart (Swamp Thing; Unknown Soldier)

Tokyopop, Inc. Senior Editor (2002–2008)

Original IP Development Initiated the development of original intellectual property in Manga form, spanning a range of genres, demographics and styles.

  • Scouted properties and talent at trade shows, art schools, online and through direct submissions.
  • Wrote and presented pitch strategies for promising titles.
  • Brainstormed and shaped treatments for individual books as well as larger, multi-volume story arcs used as the foundation for film or TV scripts.
  • Managed the creation process from scripts through storyboards to final art, which included creative direction on covers and marketing materials.
  • Collaborated with other creative outlets–such as animation companies and publishers–on original graphic novel properties.
  • Strategized methods to target the specific audiences for each property through print, online and grass roots campaigns.
  • Selected original IP includes:
    • MBQ by Felipe Smith (featured on NPR and in Kodansha’s Morning 2 in Japan)
    • Porky’s Auto Body by Duckman creator Everett Peck
    • Poison Candy by Spawn author David Hine
    • A Midnight Opera by Hans Steinbach
    • Dogby Walks Alone by Coheed and Cambria artist Wes Abbott
    • Paradise Lost: Shadows and Wings by world-renowned composer Eric Whitacre
    • Riding Shotgun by Nathaniel Bowden

Brand Licensed Development Built and led a Brand Licensed division that specialized in creating original graphic novel (Manga) material for established TV, film, music and video game properties.

  • Negotiated deal terms and creative approvals with license holders, which included major studios such as Sony, Universal and Disney, as well as companies such as Blizzard Entertainment and The Jim Henson Company.
  • Developed original narrative approaches, story lines and artistic styles appropriate for each property.
  • Recruited and supervised writers and artists involved with the creation of original brand licensed material.
  • Solicited celebrity talent (such as Wil Wheaton, Terry Jones, Richard Hatch and David Gerrold) to contribute stories to brand licensed books.
  • Worked closely with noted personalities in the creation of fictional material based on their popular mystique (Far East Movement, Courtney Love, Alicia Keyes, Big Boi, etc.).
  • Headed a specialized co-publishing program with Harper Collins in the creation of original graphic novels based on the work of some of their most successful authors, including Meg Cabot and Erin Hunter.
  • Selected brand licensed titles include:
    • Star Trek
    • Warcraft
    • StarCraft
    • Labyrinth
    • The Dark Crystal
    • The Storyteller
    • C.S.I.
      • Hannah Montana
      • Camp Rock
      • Battlestar Galactica
      • Ghostbusters
      • Doctor Who
      • Hellgate: London
      • Bigfoot Monster Trucks

Online Content Development Spearheaded Tokyopop’s effort to expand the graphic novel audience to online communities, utilizing the Internet at once as a marketing, development and distribution tool.

  • Conceptualized and executed an online development and distribution model for: sequential art (the Manga Player); Flash animation; and fully-modeled 3D animation.
  • Produced animation, interviews and documentary segments as online material.
  • Planned and instituted a unique Pilot Program for the creation of IP, which involved a combination of online exposure, internal development and creative partnerships.
  • Worked closely with Marketing department to target online audiences on a title-specific basis.
  • Worked closely with Sales department in the establishment of processes to monetize web content.

Custom Publishing Started a custom publishing entity designed to create manga and graphic novel-based work for advertising and instructional purposes.

  • Consulted with each client on the fundamental nature of what it required from the work.
  • Managed the creation process, from hiring artists to delivering finished, digital Manga files.
  • Clients included Nike, Warner Brothers Music, Jack Rouse and Associates, Digital Kitchen, etc.

Localization of International Properties Controlled the adaptation of licensed graphic novels from Asia and Europe for an English-speaking market.

  • Initiated and maintained professional correspondence with licensors concerning contract details and approvals.
  • Managed all aspects of the project cycle, from hiring translators to preparing files for print.
  • Coordinated marketing and sales efforts to position titles at retail, in online listings and in advertising avenues.
  • Selected localized titles include:
    • Cowboy Bebop
    • FLCL
    • Planetes
    • G.T.O. Great Teacher Onizuka
    • Tokyo Tribes (nominated for an Eisner Award for Best Adaptation of Foreign Material)
  • DearS
  • Blame!
  • Archlord
  • Castlevania
  • Legal Drug
  • Getbackers

Other Duties

  • Authored the original Star Trek story “The Humanitarian” for Star Trek the manga.
  • Represented TOKYOPOP in industry and specialized panels at Comic Con, Anime Expo, World Con, etc.
  • Organized Manga art classes and multimedia presentations at schools, libraries and book stores.
  • Fostered a strong relationship with the readership through open public dialogue.

Digital Manga, Inc. Editor-in-Chief (2000-2002)

Online Magazine Founded and edited Japanese culture website Generated a readership of over 30,000.

  • Planned and designed online interface.
  • Managed journalistic and entertainment content, including feature articles, critical reviews, celebrity interviews and lifestyle pieces.
  • Recruited full time staff of seven and maintained a freelance team of writers, designers, editors and programmers.
  • Managed technology development division of nine computer engineers.

Publishing Division Launched Digital Manga’s print publishing division, Digital Manga Publishing.

  • Edited Newtype Magazine prototype.
  • Selected Japanese Manga titles for US distribution.
  • Adapted translated scripts for Manga and Anime.

LA Weekly Freelance Journalist (1998–2008)

Features Writer (selected subjects include A.S.K. Theater Projects Common Grounds Festival; Edge of the World Festival; Day Without Art).

Arts Reviewer (selected reviews include Homebody/Kabul by Tony Kushner; The Gary Plays by Murray Mednick; Accidental Death of an Anarchist by Dario Fo; and performances by John Fleck, Tim Miller, Michael Kearns and Empire of Teeth).

Co-Producer of the LA Weekly Theater Awards for ten years and going strong. Venues have included LATC, Henry Fonda Theater at The Music Box, and the Avalon. Guests have included Ray Bradbury, Jack Black, Charlotte Rae, etc.

Journalistic work has also appeared in:

The Los Angeles Times, American Theater Magazine, LA Stage, and Flaunt Magazine

Other Experience


Action Figures (2010) – Writing web series with producer Morris Nash that takes place in the office of a toy company.

Eat Play Dream Shit Die (2010) – Wrote and appeared in this short produced by Off Chance Productions.

Real Girls Guide To Everything Else (2010) – Developed and produced this successful web series with Off Chance Productions (see below). The series is distributed by AfterEllen and Strike TV along with several other online sites.

Martini Girl (2006) – Wrote and directed this short film with DP Richard Javier and Editor Ian Mayberry as part of the 12 Films film series produced by Christopher Johnson.

Number Five (2005) – Co-wrote with Christine Boylan (3 Lbs.; Leverage; Gilmore Girls) this feature for Stromfilms International.

My Parent’s Garage (2004) – Wrote and directed this music video with DP Tony Davies and Editor Alex MacDonald.

Bolsa (2003) – Produced and starred in this short film with Dir. Richard Javier and Editor Ian Mayberry.

The Moon Says I Love You (2001) – Assisted Directed and appeared in this 30-min. film directed by Johnny Klein.

Anime Dating and Anime Science Fiction (2000) – Produced short video segments as DVD extras for Bandai Entertainment releases through Hollywood On Set.

Shaxper (1998-2000) – Developed and wrote a Shakespeare-based educational video series.


Off-Chance Productions Writer/Director/Producer (2006-Present) The inaugural stage show Anatomy of a Slap opened May 9, 2008, which has been followed by readings of Relay by Steven Calcote and Limitation of Genetic Technology by Luis Reyes. Anna Khaja’s Shaheed: the Dream and Death of Benazir Bhutto.

Independent Director/Dramaturg (2006) Sound the Country by Christine Boylan.

The Black Box Theater Writer/Director (1999-2005) Co-developed, wrote, and directed The One Booth Joint, a long-running, critically-lauded late-night serial that ran 28 episodes; and directed the well-reviewed productions of Watercolors and Dogs.

Lost Dog Productions Artistic Director (1997-2001) Managed theater company of 50 artists through 21 productions and participated as a writer, director and actor.

UCLA Shakespeare Reading and Performance Group Co-Founder/Director (1993-1996) Began a rotating Shakespeare ensemble that produces a play quarterly. The group celebrates its 15th anniversary this year.


Jacaranda Musician (1999–Present) Lead singer and songwriter for LA-based rock band; recorded three albums and three soundtracks through Chimaera Records and composed the theme song for Comic Book Geeks, public access television, South Bay, California.


West Hollywood Book Fair Programming Consultant (2005-Present) Serve on theater and genre fiction sub-committees that develop, select and organize programming at his annual festival.

Poets and Writers Magazine Jurist (2004) Juried the “California Voices” short story competition.

Spoken Interludes Instructor (2003-2004) Ran workshops for short story, poetry, essay and biographical writing at Chatsworth School for incarcerated youth.

Audry Skirball-Kenis Theater Projects (A.S.K.) Analyst (1995-2001) Critiqued play submissions; provided editorial notes on plays under consideration for new works festivals.


1992-1996 University of California, Los Angeles – B.A. Theater Arts

1994-1995 University of Birmingham, England – Study Abroad Program

References available upon request